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Cute Critters is a friendly community for people who love to draw cute animals. We pride ourselves on the high standard of the art in our gallery, and hold regular competitions and events
:pointr:We do not accept creatures with any humanization of the anatomy!
:spotlight-left:Rules:star:Quality Guidelines:star:FAQ:star:About us:star:Staff:spotlight-right:
Our adorable mascot Kyan-Kyan was created by renardchaton :heart:
Hi there everyone!~ We hope you've all been having a wonderful summer so far ❤

We're very happy to announce that CuteCritters will be holding a fun summer contest for everyone to take part in. Many of you have probably seen all the various palette challenges that have been circulating recently and we shall be holding one of our own with a little twist!

This contest will hopefully push artistic boundaries and is a great exercise on using colours efficiently as well as beautifully, and of course, be a lot of fun~ All the info can be found under the line of stars. If you have the time please do thank the amazing generosity of all our prize donors as well ❤



Due Date: August 9th 2014
Submit Entries [HERE]

- create a summer themed picture, but there's a catch:
- a limited palette [4-7] colours created by yourself must be used!
- focus is put on creating something from an "unlikely" or "strange" palette; picks colours you wouldn't expect together but make them work
ex. the sky doesn't have to be blue, the grass doesn't have to be green; make us go "Wow! How'd they make this using that palette!"

- regular rules of CuteCritters are of course in effect
- one entry per person, you may switch your entry before the due date
- no more than 7 colours are to be used in the palette; blending colours/"painting" is ok!
i.e. different hex values = different colour, if traditional no more than 7 colour pencils/tubes of paint/etc.
- palette used should be shown in a decorative manner on the entry or more plainly in a separate place such as a link in the description
- if entry is digital no special layer effects such as multiply, overlay, etc. may be used; transparency/opacity is ok!
- palette should be created by the contestant; don't use sites such as COLOURlovers! Anyone who is found to have used such sites will be disqualified.
- be respectful to other contestants and the judges
- art must be entirely made by the contestant
- let people know your entry is for CuteCritters's Unlikely Palettes Summer Contest in the description c:
- Challenge yourself, grow as an artist, and above all: HAVE FUN!~ ❤

Judges: :iconange-ll-os:, :iconkuitsumi:, :iconlacedharlot:, :iconheyriel:
- the palette you made: how "unlikely"/"strange" it is, how well you applied it to make your picture, creativity
- effort, visual appeal, and cuteness
- summery themed/feel to the picture

Prizes: donations are welcome! you may donate and still enter
1st Place:
- 3 week feature in our Featured folder [winning entry + 4 other pics]
- 1 month sub from Kuitsumi
- 1 month sub from Heyriel
- 500 :points: from Nai-Alei
- Digital Fullbody w/ simple BG + Digital Chibi [or equivalent/lesser value] from Ange-ll-os
- Shaded fullbody like this from LacedHarlot
- Shaded fullbody from Nai-Alei

2nd Place:
- 2 week feature in our Featured folder [winning entry + 3 other pics]
- 150 :points: from Heyriel
- Digital Chibi + Animated Pixel Icon [or equivalent/lesser value] from Ange-ll-os
- Cell-shaded headshot from Ranohara

3rd Place:
- 150 :points: from Heyriel
- Digital Tiny OR Animated Pixel Icon from Ange-ll-os

- your entry + 1 other pic featured in a mass feature on Ange-ll-os' journal for 2 weeks

Help? Questions?
Submission problems? Typo? Need clarification? Ask away in comments!
Submissions to the folder for entries should be good, but if you still have trouble submitting please leave a comment here and an admin will help as soon as they can!
More Journal Entries


CuteCritters would be nothing without our wonderful staff team <333
Meet the Staff




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renardchaton Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yo guys, i think the group would automatically accept my work since I'm an admin, so I wanted approval (it's only fair!!) for my artwork. Idk how this fits in, it's a full painting but I feel like the white background would make it unfitting? (I know we have exceptions sometimes, buuut)…
IzaPug Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
thx so much for accept me in the group :)
DachaCyn Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Hello! I'd like to inquire about your quality guidelines? I have this piece I made just recently and the digital medium style I've used in it is something I've really come to like and I've decided to keep up with it! Thing is, I feel as if it may just be a bit too messy to qualify acceptance whenever I come to making cute critter works using it! So, may I ask if this style is acceptable? (I won't be submitting this as I know it's anthro; it's only an example of the style) If not, I will certainly keep enjoying future contributions made to the group. : )
Ange-ll-os Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there!~
Since this isn't explicitly asking about a submission I'll just answer you here instead of making you note us or something XD Normally submission related stuff goes on the submission comment area in private but obviously that doesn't quite work here since it's not a submission.
Two staff vote per submission so I can only give you what I personally would say so this is just my own interpretation of the guidelines. I think that style you linked would fall under the "sketch-y/messy" category and likely declined ^^" It's not bad at all  though I mean personally I find sketches are cool in how raw they are, but this is probably not be the group for it.
That said we look forward to your future submissions! You have some very lovely artwork~ Not sure if you saw it though one of your deviations was featured last month and was just moved to the archive the other day ;3
DachaCyn Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Oh, I forgot about that ehh... yeah. Oopsie. 'xD
I'm being super experimental right now so I have no idea where my style will be going, but thanks for the input! I'm pretty sure I'll still end up making cleaner works to submit at some point anyways though hehe.
And thank you so much! I did not know about this asjjcnsdlbfl;; ;;3;;
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